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‍‍‍Our Bikes

  • On all of our bike tours you have the ability to choose a Road Bike, Hybrid Bike or E-Bike*. We have Alloy and Carbon options for Road Bikes.
  • Helmet
  • Choice of 13 different pedals
  • RidewithGPS login information, .GPX / .TCX files, and paper cue sheets

What do you get
w‍‍‍ith each bike?

Road Bikes‍‍‍

Alloy or Carbon

Cannondale Synapse bike tour rental bike
Cannondale Synapse bike tour rental bike

While we often use other brands we prefer to use our fleet of Cannondale Synapse bikes. Our bikes come in Alloy and Carbon with a range of components always outfitted with quality Shimano parts.

Cannondale Quick 3 bike tour rental
Women's Cannondale Quick 3 bike tour rental

Hybrid Bi‍‍‍kes

Flat Handlebars

We have a fantastic fleet of Cannondale Quick 3 Hybrid Bikes. A‍‍‍ll bikes have flat handlebars, disc brakes, and a more relaxed fit. If you don't feel you're a "serious" bike rider this is often best option for you.

Cannondale Quick Neo E-bike rental
Woman's Cannondale Quick Neo E-bike tour rental


Pedal Assisted

Our fleet of Cannondale Quick Neo E-Bikes can't be beat. With a Shimano pedal-assisted drive train this bike a great option for someone who feels they might have trouble keeping up or just wants to swe‍‍‍at less.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Feature ‍‍‍Tour‍‍‍s in 2018

Utah Bike Tour

Cycling central California during a California Central Coast bike tour

‍‍‍‍‍‍California Central Coast Bik‍‍‍e Tour‍s‍‍‍‍‍

Our California Desert bike tours include trips to the Mojave Desert and Death Valley

California Desert Bike Tour

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